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Feeling too old to start Natural Movement?

Obvious answer... of course not!

So, what happens in a Movement class? This is a question that I've heard a few times now. If you google MovNat you'll see so many videos of the higher level coaches doing some amazing things. First thought you'd likely have is 'Holy Cow! I can't do any of that!' No worries, I start at the beginning, all you need to be able to do is lay down on the ground and breathe. Some of my classes are more active, while a few of my classes are much more of the restorative/rehab level.

In the Natural Movement classes we play around... some ground movement to warm up, maybe some balancing, maybe some running (yes, even in your house), and maybe some jumping, crawling, lifting, throwing, and sometimes even some hanging/climbing. The last 10 minutes we put all the skills together into a mini circuit where you can work as hard or as gently as you want. I always encourage everyone to listen to their bodies so they practice the awareness of building strength and mobility.

The Critical Movement classes are a little more chill. Usually this is 2-3 Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy exercises followed by some ground movement, working into the hips/torso/shoulders. We incorporate slower moves while still challenging the body and mind.

I completely understand that when you read about these classes you likely had one of two reactions. 1. That looks awesome! I want to try that but some moves look too hard for me (or I'm too old). 2. That looks too simple, I can already do that, why should I bother taking a class like that.

My answer to those thoughts... You are not too old and even if you can do something as basic as running, the benefits of training with Natural Movement are so vast and truly do help in all areas of your life. As for it being easy, sometimes the best place to start is at the beginning. Reflexes slow? MovNat can help that. Have lots of things to lift at your job? MovNat can help make you stronger. Feel stiff in the morning when you wake up? MovNat can help you find your mobility.

Maybe... just maybe you are doing yoga right now. I used to. It made me stronger, it certainly taught me to move and it made me a more patient person. I am so glad that I had yoga in my life when I did. I'll be honest thought. These days I have no desire to practice asana (yoga postures) anymore, though I still love the other 7 limbs that are traditionally taught in yoga. Now I am much more likely to try something out in nature, to get over my mind block about jumping to something or lifting and carrying a practical item. I intend to move into my later years with stability and mobility; MovNat trains me for that. Yoga can as well, but my body wants more Natural Movement these days. Bottom line here, there is something for everyone, find something that you enjoy doing, and do that.

Full disclosure... I also go to Lagree, and teach it. I love it; yes, it is indoors, yes, it is on a big huge machine called a Megaformer. This slow, full range of motion, resistance training helps my MovNat and my back. The blending of these two modalities has helped me to understand and manage my back pain caused from osteoarthritis in my facet joints as well as severe disc degeneration. Lagree gives me the strong stable base to work from (and my downhill skiing has never been better), while the MovNat offers me the challenge of getting low, jumping high, climbing, crawling and being able to work the balance of mobility and stability with very little props/machines/time.

So, try a class! Think it is too easy? I always offer suggestions that will challenge you. Think you can't do any of it? All you have to do is start at the beginning... walk, breathe, then start moving.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

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