Finding balance this holiday season

December 9, 2015

Other than the red Starbucks Christmas cups (jk)... nothing screams holiday season more then the immense feeling of being busy. Parties to be at, dinners to plan, decorations to put up, kids activities to attend, parcels to wrap and get to the post office before the looming deadline... more and more.


If you've been practicing just a little Critical Alignment, all I can say is remember your breath this season! Use your exhale to ground yourself when you are feeling frantic, use your inhale to lighten the mood or your energy levels when you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Easier said than done, I know. Life is about balance, being able to connect to that middle point.



You have two directions either way… past/future and high/low energy. We tend to sit at one point in this graph, but very, very rarely do we occupy the space in the middle of the intersecting directions. That would be sitting right in the present moment, having a balanced energy and not consumed by the thinking of past or future.


As basic as that seems, it really isn’t easy. How many times has someone asked you how you’ve been doing and you reply with one word: BUSY. Think about it, you bounce from high energy of getting things done to low energy and taking the time at the end of the day to ‘veg out’. You become consumed by your ‘to do’ lists or deadlines or living in past moments or focused too much on future goals. When was the last time that you felt stillness? Stillness with consciousness? Sleeping doesn’t count. Even within a typical yoga class there is a striving, a push of will power that takes over. Stillness is rarely talked about until the end of class in savasana. The practice of yoga is to practice stillness, being present on your yoga mat so you have the ability to connect to that experience off your yoga mat.


How does Critical Alignment come into this? There isn’t one easy answer, it is truly different for everyone. We bring different body types, different mental experiences, and many different emotional imprints to each class.

Each exercise in Critical Alignment works with a basic 3 step process.


Relaxation - Movement - Strength & Coordination.

Through these 3 steps and working with the breath we create a deeper understanding of connecting the physical body, the mind and emotional awareness. This will not fix everything, you will still have your aches and pains, ups and downs, and emotional crazy moments. What Critical Alignment will do is help you manage and be more aware of these busy all consuming moments and allow you a deeper connection with the present moment, even if you are far from that centre point.

Want to learn more? Sign up for a class in the new year or contact me about setting up a private session or class at work.




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