Why I am not the personal trainer for you...

January 26, 2018

This has been on my mind for about a month now... What brought it to mind? I've always wanted to help people live better, healthier lives; but why now would I start thinking that I am not the personal trainer for you...?


When I moved to Calgary all I wanted to do was work in the fitness industry so I started selling fitness equipment back in 1997, during that time I was introduced to yoga and at the same time was trying to establish myself as a personal fitness trainer. I loved yoga, Ashtanga at the time, and a path was opened up before me to drop fitness training and pursue yoga. I am all in for pursuing opportunities so off into the Ashtanga/Power Yoga world I went. This took me on quite the adventure: teaching classes throughout the city, meeting so many lovely people (many who became close friends), competing for Canada on the Skeleton National Development Team (not really related to yoga, but was one of the opportunities I followed), owning a yoga studio, learning Critical Alignment, and many amazing trips.


Now here I am, at a new turning point, working to establish myself back in the fitness & health world. I am finding that as I meet and work with people I have a niche that isn't easy to fit.


So if you are looking for a fitness trainer, I'm not likely the best fit for you.


First... I won't be 'fixing' your posture. I believe that movement is key and standing or sitting in a (so called, as our mom's told us) correct posture is only for performance like ballet. We will work on our fluidity of movement and you will learn to assess where your body can feel the best whether you are standing, sitting, playing a sport or musical instrument, and/or just being a human being.


I won't be letting you hold your breath while you push yourself. I will work with you to learn how to be more conscious of your breath and how to use your breath to keep balance in your life.


I won't be your weight loss coach to help you find the latest supplement or quick fix pill. I will talk to you about eating a balanced diet of whole foods, sometimes that includes ice cream (but really good ice cream, really, who wants to eat frozen milk with fake flavor?).


I won't be asking you to stay focused and serious. I believe that as adults we have lost our sense of play, this loss increases our tunnel vision and creates a loss of 'oneness' in our community. We need to attempt things in our lives and at the same time be okay if it doesn't work or we fail. Play allows us to try new things and be open to helping one another without judgment.


I am not going to get you to do sets of squats and encourage you to push for that extra one. I will look at how you move; it is a habit I've formed from years of Critical Alignment as well as the foundation of biomechanics that I learned while in University. Do you compensate to avoid an area of pain or past injury? Do you have a habitual movement pattern that may be causing extra strain somewhere?


I am not going to get you doing sets and reps. Honestly I am horrible at counting past 3 for these things.


When I meet with you we won't be doing a 10 min warm up of running or burpees. I am going to expose you to relaxation and explain to you how vital it is that you get enough sleep as well as ideas to help you fall asleep.


I won't be your cheerleader to push through pain and get that extra minute in a plank to fix your back pain. We will talk about pain and how it is activated by processes in your brain and what are the best ways to manage chronic pain. Trust me, it isn't all core stability... not even close.


I don't want to see you 3x a week. I will give you things to do throughout your day to make your life more movement based. Once we finish the first 4 sessions I don't expect to see you very often because you'll be doing things on your own. I know that isn't realistic sometimes so feel free to contact me for inspiration or to book an extra session for new ideas.


I'm not going to take you through fitness testing. Each time we meet up for a session we'll be talking about how things are going, what your goals are, and how we can move better throughout the entire day.


These are many of the reasons why I am not likey the personal fitness trainer for you.


In fact, we'll be talking about a lot of things that will likely go against your foundational beliefs/teachings in the fitness world. There are so many things that have been studied in the last 5 years, the magnitude is ridiculous really! Many of the ideas that we had back in the 90's in terms of fitness, health, and back pain have been proven meaningless. There is so much more to it!


If any of this resonates with you, if you would like to learn more or talk more, let me know! We can book a session or I can point you in the right direction to find the information that you are searching for. Don't let a Google or Facebook Algorithm steer your life, start asking more questions!




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